What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

Not a lot of prepping done this week as in putting back supplies. Had to work some night shifts and deal with typical “teenage boy being stupid” stuff.

One thing I worked on was the budget. I put together a budget for the next several months with both my income and my wife’s. Next up is to cover it with the wife and get her buyin. We make decent money and expenses have been reduced in the past year but more needs to be done. What we’re not great at is saving money. I tend to “save” in tangibles(beans, bullets, and band-aids) rather than cash. Emergency fund is in place.


I’ve thought more on doing a trial to see how long it would take to walk home from work. Approx 20 miles. The likelihood that I would need to walk is small but you never know. If some “event” happened and I needed to get home I could be in an accident or someone else could be and cause massive traffic backups. Traffic could be overwhelming. EMP? Maybe.

I am thinking I can make it in 12 hours but most people overestimate their abilities. How will my feet stand up? How often the need to stop to eat? Drink? Bathroom? Rest?

I want to try. I need to try.



Above sign is on the door at my local gun shop. Love it!!!!



Jeep developed a leak in the radiator last week and kept getting worse and worse. Saved myself a few hundred dollars by replacing it myself. A huge pain but stuff happens.

Lastly – I am going to be AFK(away from keyboard) most of the week. Responding to comments and emails will be delayed. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting things to pass on next week about what I will be doing. FYI.

So – what have you done this past week?











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