Adventure = Hunting. Fishing. Hiking. Shooting. Weightlifting. Traveling. Watching a good movie.

There are many perspectives when it comes to adventure. What is fun, exciting, and makes someone truly feel alive to one person may be mundane and boring to someone else. That is ok! We are on this planet for a limited amount of time and live only one life – let’s make the most of it.

Remember growing up as a child and on a daily basis adventure was around every corner? You could just sit and watch cartoons and just get lost in your imagination? Whether playing in your room or running outside the only limitation to the possibilities was your mind.

Remember being in high school and hanging out with your friends on the weekend? You would get together and just feel tremendously alive in pursuit of fun and adventure – and the opposite sex.

Why has it changed?

Society has evolved to create a pre-determined template for each and every one of us to follow – and it is not exciting nor very fulfilling. People fit within these templates and often have no idea what has happened.

The video below from the movie City Slickers is an excellent example of this pre-determined life template that so many of us have been bound to. To set the stage: Billy Crystal has come into his son’s classroom on career day to describe what he does for a living……



What he said is accurate but it doesn’t have to be. You can get out from under the umbrella of mediocrity and blandness by waking up and taking action. As stated adventure is a matter of perspective.

Answer these questions(seriously – get a piece of paper and write the answers down):

  • What is your favorite movie and why?
  • Do you identify with any character in the movie and why?
  • What about your childhood did you enjoy the most?
  • What do you enjoy doing that makes you feel most alive?
  • What is it that causes you the most stress in your life?

When you really put some thought into those questions and the answers you may just find the key to living a more fulfilling life – through adventure! The human spirit was never intended to work a 9-5 job, sit at home and watch TV, and bicker with the spouse. No – God made humans to have incredible imaginations and conceptualize.

Look at the answers to those questions and make a change today. Recapture the vigor, the excitement, and the adventure that you had in your youth. Make a decision to get out from the rut which you may be living in and live a life you were meant to live. This doesn’t have to involve tons of money. It requires your commitment.

What to do now?

Get out a calendar and a piece of paper. Write down 5 things you want to do. These things should include your friends, your family, and some just by yourself. Write down on the calendar when you will do them. Go hiking this Friday. Third week of next month go out on a date night with your spouse. On the 23rd go to the range with your neighbor who has an interest in shooting.  Just make it happen.

Go watch the video above again. Don’t end up being another zombie of society. Make a decision. Make a commitment to yourself. Make the change…

Throughout the pages of adventure – at least from my perspective – will be featured often. After all I want to live an exciting, fulfilled life just like you.

Take care!


A Few Pictures From My Own Adventures