Scenario: 20 Miles From Home And Things Go South


Here is a scenario that many of us could find ourselves in should the SHTF while we are at work.

Wednesday morning: Typical Wednesday morning. Alarm goes off at 5:30am and you reach over and hit the snooze. Grab your cell phone and check for text messages and emails. You see a post was published last night from on preparing in case an army of bigfoots attack. You think – “That Rourke is an idiot.”

After showering, getting dressed and a cup of coffee you hear on the news that there was an incident between North and South Korea. Apparently, South Korea sank a North Korean boat. Details are sketchy.

7:00am arrives too quickly and the drive to work starts. The news doesn’t report much as far as details regarding the sinking. North Korea is strangely silent about the incident.

Work starts a little before 8:00am and is another typical day. At 11:30am the power goes out. “Early lunch”, you think to yourself. You grab your keys and head for the car. Someone states as you are heading out the door their cell phone doesn’t work. Halfway to your car, you pull your phone out – dead.

The worrying begins.

You get in the car and quickly insert the key. Nothing. You know what it is. You know somehow, some way we got hit with an EMP. You think to yourself, “I’m 20 miles from home. I’ve gotta go.”


What do you have in your vehicle right now to get you home?

What method of transportation would you use to get home? Walking? Bike? Other?

What tools of self-defense will be carried for the trip home?

Do you have any SOP’s(standard operating procedures)set up with the family so they know what to do in case something like this were to occur?

How long would it take you to get home?



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