Preppers Need to Know Their Limitations

I was asked recently what my opinion was of SouthernPrepper1’s recent video titled – “Prepper’s will die….No tactics are better than bad tactics“. In the video, SP1 discusses a combination of poor and incorrect tactical training, physical conditioning, and the propensity for prepper’s to train for offensive conditions.

While I have no military background and the majority of “tactical” training that I have had has been firearm based – I have a few thoughts.

I’ve always believed that given whatever the “SHTF” event is – avoiding problems is of paramount importance. This means taking a defensive stand on a day to day basis. Area patrol’s and scout’s to serve as information gatherers and early warning systems would be the extent of those leaving the retreat. Bringing the absolute minimum attention to yourself is a definite effort in self-preservation.

Preparation for suspect visitors is a must. Defensive tactics for protecting the property and fending off those who wish to do harm is certainly important. Tactics to go out and attack someone else’s property? Think about it. Consider the enormous risk to that operation.

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Prepper groups need to work on what SP1 stated such as fortifying their position, covering areas of engagements, know the kill zones, and be capable of placing accurate fire into them. Everyone within the group needs to know their weapons systems. Placing fire downrange, accurately, and being able to quickly reload to re-engage are strong tactics that most should be capable of. A plan on what to do in case of attack needs to be made now.

SP1 discusses fitness level and age. I can tell you this is a HUGE problem I have seen first hand. Far too often people are just too “nice” to tell people the truth. If you cannot get down behind a 55-gallon barrel and get cover that is a issue that may get you killed. Prepper’s need to know their limitations. If a group member remembers what it was like before electricity then they are not likely one you can depend on for high demand physical activity. If someone is 150 pounds overweight and cannot run from Position A to Position B with some sense of urgency – then they need to stay at Position A or be delegated to another function(or not be in Position A to start with).

I’ll mention something else that drives me crazy – these posts about how as part of an arsenal you’ve got to have a rifle capable of shooting 600, 800, no – at least 1000 yards. Why? Again – if a possible threat is 1,000 yards away how much of a threat are they? How have you identified the target from that distance? If they are unaware of your presence and a shot is fired alerting them of your presence – wouldn’t it have been better to not shoot? Granted there are a gazillion scenario’s out there but in general, I don’t get it. I believe for the most part these types of discussions where a .300 Win Mag is pitted against the .308 Win versus a 6.5 Creedmore is an effort in futility. Come on.

The keyboard warrior mentality is alive and well. Preppers need to know their limitations and train/prepare accordingly.

With a lot to learn…..



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