Jericho Episode 10 – Red Flag

Here is the tenth of a weekly installment discussing an episode of the popular TV series – Jericho – which aired originally back in 2006. Every Tuesday night we are watching an episode and then will discuss what happens the following day. It can be watched free on Netflix or purchased on VUDU. Jericho is also available on DVD.



Someone airdrops several packages of supplies in the area around Jericho. Some bad guys come in and take a generator. The town organizes to go in and take the generator back while a mysterious character steals it back to prevent a firefight.

Controversy erupts over who gets the dropped supplies while an election is pending for Mayor.

One of the main characters end the episode in not very good condition.



One of my favorite episodes. The Fall has arrived in Jericho and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Concerns over the coming winter emphasizes the importance of stocking up on supplies and also to consider off grid warmth. Jericho is becoming more violent with outside forces creating issues. This is overdue and no doubt would happen sooner in reality.

Football games(fun) and “love” will continue regardless of the conditions as humans adapt and look for ways to maintain their sanity. Something to consider as far as preps: birth control. A pregnancy with minimal medical care could be disastrous.

Security remains a constant issue in Jericho and is a lesson to be learned. Bad people exist and you never know where they may be. Patrols, “neighborhood watches”, and security forces are needed – as well as rules.

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