Prep’s this week?

Not a lot completed this past week.

Completed 299 Days Book 5 – for the second time. What a great series. I think it is likely the most realistic portrayal of what possibly lies ahead.

Just received the entire The Survivalist series in Graphic Audio format from a longtime reader. This is the original book series from the 80’s and 90’s. I have listened to a couple books previously and they were great. “Graphic Audio” is unique in that they actually have actors playing out the book with special effects. “A movie in your mind…” is appropriate. Great stuff!

Finally got a chance to testfire my new Springfield Operator 1911 45ACP. Fantastic. Shot half of the 200 rounds I have designated for “breaking in” the gun. No issues. Extremely accurate.

Met up with a group member’s brother who is really into CB radio’s. Provided some advice on setting up a mobile, local network.

FYI – as of Saturday night there is a special .99 cent deal on the entire 3 book American Exit Strategy series. Not sure how long this price will last.

I have mentioned that there would be a few changes upcoming here. Well. tomorrow is it. Nothing major but a few tweaks.

Worked out several times this week and overall diet was very good. Starting at 205 with a goal of 185 by September 15th. 

Stay safe my friends……

Your turn.


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