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Everyone should keep a good first aid kit in their vehicle. You just never know when something will occur and a compression bandage, tourniquet, or even just a band-aid is needed. My kit of choice is the Grab and Go Deluxe Trauma Bag from I have two of these kits. One sits at home and the other rides with me in my Jeep Wrangler.

Will You Need a Trauma Kit?

A couple of years ago I went off roading in the Uwharrie National Forest. While navigating some of the more rocky and difficult terrain a group of us had to move some large rocks to allow a lower-clearance vehicle to pass. The owner of the vehicle moved a rock and failed to move his hand in time when setting the rock down. This equated to a smashed and bloody finger. Holding his hand and somewhat hiding it out of embarrassment he dripped blood walking by me. I went to the Jeep and fetched the trauma kit and provided aid. A few people came over and they said all they had was some electrical or duct tape.

A year or so ago I was on my way to work driving down a major local highway. 30 seconds in front of me a van flipped and laid on its roof as I approached. I pulled off the side of the road – retrieved the Grab and Go Trauma Kit from the back of the Jeep and headed to help the guy as he crawled out the back of the van.

These are just a couple out of several examples where a good first aid kit has come in handy.

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The Grab and Go Deluxe Trauma Kit sold by 

Available in a variety of colors.

Grab and Go Deluxe Trauma Kit

The Grab and Go is an excellent mid-sized kit for camping, hiking, and hunting. Measuring 13″ x 9″ x 4″ this is not going to fit in the typical vehicle glove box. There is a small compartment in the back of my Jeep where it fits perfectly as well as some paracord, knife, tire plug kit, and a couple more things. I very much prefer the included soft case over a hard plastic case that can crack or break.

As far as specifics with the kit – here is an excerpt from the Doom and Bloom website:

The Grab and Go First Aid Trauma Kit will cover most injuries that occur during daily activities. Such as: Burnsscratches, lacerations and bleedingsprains and strainsblisterswound closure and wound cleaningbug bites etc.

It even includes duct tape, that all important do-it-all item for almost every need.

The Grab and Go First Aid Trauma Kit, also comes with a SWAT tourniquet, an Israeli Emergency bandageCelox (blood clotting powder, easily washed out), a large Ace bandage, large roller gauzeDr. Scholl’s MoleskinCPR mask, stainless steel instruments, Steri strips, superglue, sterile sutures, instant ice pack, and more.

Professionally designed by Dr. Joe Alton, a Medical Doctor with over 35 years experience and Amy Alton, an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, with over 30 years experience in the medical field.

There is also room within the kit to add additional items if so desired.


For more information visit the Grab and Go Deluxe Trauma Kit’s web page.



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