Inexpensive Long Term Food Storage: Canned Goods

I can’t imagine the incredible amount of food every year that is thrown away because the magical “best buy” or expiration date arrives. It is really a waste. There are many instances where canned foods have been consumed 10 or more years after the expiration date with absolutely zero issues. While I am a big believer in freeze dried foods, rice, and other common foods used for long term storage canned goods should not be ignored.

A good example of this: A 40 year old can of sweet corn was found in a basement in California and a can of relish was discovered aboard the sunken USS Monitor. The foods in both cases were perfectly edible. In fact – the canned corn was reported to no different than fresh.


While canned goods hold several negatives compared to freeze dried they remain extremely budget-friendly and tasty with superior choices which to choose.

Just don’t forget the can opener.



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