From the Front Lines: Canik, “Modern Survival”, and Going Home

Sometimes I sit down and think about something to write about and get so swept up every conceivable aspect of the post that takes me forever to just get to started. “Sigh……” Let’s get this started.

Canik TP9SA – This pistol continues to gain popularity for one very good reason: It is a very reliable, high performing semi-auto 9mm for about $200 less than most mainstream models. So far it has proven to be 100% and accurate.


Wilderness Survival – never had much interest but always willing to learn. I’ve had many tell me I’m not a “real survivalist” because I don’t know how to start a fire with sticks or tie certain knots. Whatever. I like technology and I like taking advantage of it – not relying on it. While I’m at it I’ve also been told that that I am no “survival expert”. Sure – I would agree with that. I’ve never professed to be one. I know a little about a lot and am very confident in my ability to figure things out even though I have never been shown.

Going Home – I have been reading the Going Home series by A. American. Excellent. I read Book One years ago when it first came out and am now on Book Two. I am actually listening to it via Audio Books. Fantastic and almost done with it. If you’ve not read the series go grab Going Home.

Guns….guns…..and more guns – I should be attending my first “Guns Anonymous” meeting soon to get over my being a Gun Nut.

Superman vs. Batman – Excellent movie. Plan to go see it again.

Kel-Tec PMR30 – Still loving it.

Episode 2 over at The Patriot Podcast is live. Turned out pretty good with better sound quality than Episode One. Remember folks – Prepper Ralph and I are not professional broadcasters. We are just a couple of guys talking about stuff that interests us.

Gotta go to bed.

Take care all –



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