What did you do to prep this past week?

This past week has been interesting.

Facebook announced they were banning all groups which provide for private sales of firearms. Many on Facebook that have utilized these groups as a way to trade and sell guns are very upset. I am one of them. I have made many deals with local people and it has been a great way to network and connect. There are other methods of course but none which were as easy and effective as Facebook groups.

In know many are not a fan of Facebook and that includes me. I am constantly evaluating whether to stay on the site or not. I wish there was an alternative.

I placed an order with Emergency Essentials getting some Mountain House freeze dried food. Also ordered a Mountain House “Just in Case” bucket along with a pack of 12 CR123 lithium-ion batteries on Amazon. I feel real good with my efforts in food storage lately.

Lastly – I test fired two new firearms I acquired. One was the custom Ruger 10/22 I put together and another a CZ P-09. Article being worked on for the 10/22 and eventually on the CZ after I get more rounds through it. So far – the CZ is phenomenal!!

Your turn!




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