Prep’s this week?

Note: For some reason this post did not go live Sunday morning as scheduled – whoops!!

Most of my prep’s this week involved fewer tangibles and more “prep” work.

I downloaded an app on my phone and started quizzing for an upcoming ham radio technician test. Long overdue. I do not have a test date yet but so far enjoying the questions and learning a bit. This is more memorization than learning but a step in the right direction either way.

I sold my 1997 Mustang GT Convertible. Main reason was to fund the purchase of night vision equipment and to add to my emergency fund. Right now I am planning on purchasing an ATN X-Sight 3-12 Day/Night Scope. Quite an interesting optic. Currently priced at around $580 I have seen it drop under $500 on Amazon so I am watching and waiting. Would love a PVS-14 but just cannot afford that level of night vision.

I have been working on trying to set up a 20 miles radius communications system. This would allow communications with most all group members. Been working on this for quite a while trying different things and have had no success. Local ham repeater provides what we need but we need a backup.

Talking wth some fellow members others have succeeded where I have failed. Using higher power ham radios such as the Yaesu FT-2900R and premium coax along with a yagi 7 element antenna or possibly a Comet GP9.  Antenna height is critical so looking at a way to get it at least 30 feet up on my property. Retreat set up will be much easier.

Purchased 25 pounds of sugar. Need to throw it in some mylar. Also bought a variety of spice and herb mixes at Sam’s.

About halfway through Book 2 Ichabod: Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt. Great read.

Your turn.


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