Tactics for The American Reformation Part 2: Fields of Fire


Developing a Defensive Protection Plan(DPP) should be a basic step in being able to defend any retreat or bug-in property. Stocking up on guns and ammo is NOT a defensive plan.  Forget the…….”I’ll just grab my gun and stand in front of my house and blast anyone who tries to hurt me or my family.” That is not a plan and will end badly.

The Establishment of a DPP by your group is essential. Understanding the different components involved is critical. Part of a DPP is establishing fields of fire.

Let’s review a few terms and definitions:

Field of Fire – an area which a weapon can cover effectively from a given position.

Interlocking Field of Fire – this is a technique which provides that individual fighting positions are able to support each other as their fields of fire interlock. This ensures that all areas to the front of the defensive positions are covered.

Defending property requires that ALL sides are observed and protected. This is one of the main reasons higher numbers of group members are recommended over the “lone wolf” concept. When planning people and positions it is important that Interlocking Fields of Fire is considered and set up. Having Member 1 cover between Sector A and C, while another member covers C thru E does provide 100% coverage within those areas however if a member goes down a hole will be opened in the defense. By interlocking a more secure defense is established.

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Understanding fields of fire when it comes to tactics for the American Reformation is important. Understanding where you – and each member of your team – should concentrate fire on an invading force is critical for operational efficiency and effectiveness. Big words? Maybe. To put it simply everyone needs to know what area they are covering/engaging and make sure that ALL areas are covered.

Supporting Fields of Fire has the purpose of providing intense fire from different angles and multiple positions. This is similar to flanking in that advantageous angles and positions are used to create a more effective and diverse defense.

It is critically important that everyone in your group and on your team knows where their place is – and where everyone else is. If not friendly fire incidences can take place.

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The purpose of this ongoing series on Tactics for the American Reformation is NOT to provide detailed instruction. It is to provide a variety of terms and general concepts that need to be researched.

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