Final nail in the coffin

With the latest insanity surrounding the 2016 Presidential election it’s over for Trump. Not that he was any miraculous savior but I was at least hoping his election to the White House would have bought us more time. President Hillary Clinton is all but assured.

The outrage over Trumps lewd comments is justified however let’s have a little perspective here. Trump said bad things while Liberal politicians do bad things – and get a pass. Look at the evil which Obama and Hillary have promoted. Obama admitted to smoking pot and using cocaine – for Liberals “no problem”. Hillary defended a child rapist and laughed about about it – Liberals “no problem”. Bill Clinton committed rape and adultery – Liberals “no problem”.

For those that say the entire system is corrupt and voting is a waste of time I would have to say after this election I will agree. I do believe Trump was different and an outsider – thus the reason the Republican establishment is against him, Libertarians are against him, and the Democratic establishment is against him.

Hillary Clinton’s election will be the final nail in the coffin for this country.

So – what do we do? I can tell you I will be done with politics. Many would say that decision is well overdue. So be it. With the political landscape changing and the increasing division within this country “going gray” is a prudent course of action. We’ll discuss that more later. “Fred” recently commented – “Keep prepping …….and focus on local elections and what local politicians can do to screw you.”

Sounds good to me.










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