Review: Lightnin’ Grip Loader for .22LR Magazines

The .22lr is by far my favorite caliber. The reasons are simple – very inexpensive and super fun to shoot. The drawback of shooting the .22lr – especially in higher capacity semi-auto’s – is the constant loading after blowing through 15-30 rounds.

ENTER: The Lightnin’ Grip Loader

The Lightnin’ Grip Loader is a device used to rapidly load a variety of magazines with .22lr ammunition. Supported firearms include the Ruger 10/22 and S&W M&P15-22(and many more). The main device can be used with different adapters(currently 24 available) so that one loader can be used to fill more than one model of magazine.


How Does the Lightnin’ Grip Loader Work?


After attaching the correct magazine adapter, open the top door by sliding it rearward.


Next – dump 50 or so rounds of .22lr into the loader.


Now – slide the top door on the loader closed.


At this point, the loader needs to be shaken which will cause the .22lr rounds to drop into the feed slot and align themselves. Only a few shakes are necessary.


Next – the magazine is attached. At this point, the loader is tilted up to keep the rounds aligned towards the magazine.


Last – the “trigger” on the Lightnin’ Grip Loader is actuated. Every squeeze of the trigger will load one round. See video below:

While I squeezed the trigger in the video slowly to show how it works – the rounds can be loaded into the magazine extremely fast.






The Lightnin’ Grip Loader is fantastic. It is rare that I come across something that provides this much value. The loader costs only $22.50 and each magazine adapter costs $6.00.  Having this device increases the fun factor big time allowing more shooting – less loading.

For more information click HERE to visit the product’s website.



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