DO NOT dry fire practice…..EVER!!!


This may come as a surprise that someone would actually suggest NOT to dry fire practice. After all it is a widely used technique to improve shooting skills and save money. I was not always of the belief that dry firing was a safety issue. Panhandle Rancher convinced me otherwise. While I’m not going to get into the level of detail he provided me as to the explanation against dry firing – I’ll mention a couple things:

  1. A kid is found dead left in car while their parents work all day,
  2. Unintended discharges

Every year you hear about a father who normally doesn’t take their kid to day care forgetting to drop them off. They drive to work as normal and the kid bakes in the sun all day while dad is inside working. So sad.

Every year there are many unintended shots fired in living rooms, ranges, and many other places. Every single time a finger is placed on the trigger – with a found in the chamber.

Here’s the deal – we humans are creatures of habit. When you pick up a firearm in the house and dry fire practice you’re pulling the trigger over and over again. A habit is being developed that pulling the trigger without the gun going off is OK – and normal. It is just a matter of time before it goes BANG – unintentionally. If you had a rule that you NEVER pull the trigger unless aiming at a target or conducting a live fire exercise the complacency that dry fire practice developed will be much less.

That father drives to work day after day, week after week – never having to drop the child off at the day care. It’s a habit that is embedded in him. One day his routine is disrupted and the wife places junior in the back seat. He pulls out and soon thereafter he is back in his routine. The thought of his son in the backseat never enters his mind.

We can say it would never happen to us. We can say that 10,000 dry fire trigger pulls year after year will not increase the chance of an unintentional discharge. We can say that with all those dry fire shots pulling out a concealed carry gun – with a round in the chamber – that there is no possibility that habit will come into play and the trigger pulled at some point. I will say that is just not logical.

I say keep your finger off the trigger until aiming at something you are willing to destroy.

Stay safe my friends.




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