Prep’s This Week

Just received word that Mark Goodwin has released a sequel to his Days of Noah book series  – The Days of Elijah.  I am really excited to get into this one. Currently only .99 cents for Kindle version.


Last weekend in Georgia was great. Put out a couple of game cams, deer corn, and mounted jars of peanut butter to trees. While there checked out my ATN X-Sight II and tried it out both during the day and at night. For the money – awesome.

Good conversations with my brother. Politics and the world being a major discussion. We also watched the movie “13 Hours“. Watching the movie was frustrating. Afterwards I was pissed. Pissed that those Americans were placed in harm’s way and no help came for them. Horrible – but a must watch.


The tax stamp for my suppressor finally came in. It took 7 months. Will write more later. Looking to pick up a rimfire pistol(like the above picture) to put it on. Excited!

My son and I shot my Crosman 1377 pellet gun. Been meaning to do a review on it. Hopefully soon. One of my favorites.



Here’s a little something to brighten your day…..



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