Goals & Objectives – 2018


I’m a big believer in setting goals. Without them, continuous improvement and positive change – while possible – is less likely. Goals need to be realistic and attainable. One problem most of us have is in the process of making “realistic” goals we set them too low. If we truly are determined and motivated most goals can be easily achieved. It takes massive action to achieve a true goal, which requires massive effort.

So – for 2018 I am sharing a few of my goals:



I feel pretty good at where I’m at and do not plan anything major in my preparedness efforts. There are a few specific tasks that I need to do. Here we go:

  • BUG OUT BAGS – I have my own Get Home Bag but need to build three separate BOB’s. This would be for family members, friends – whomever. My view is a GHB and a BOB are two very different things.
  • FOOD STORAGE – I want to add at least 100 pounds of rice in buckets as well as more beans, salt and sugar. An additional supply of canned foods will be put back. Specific numbers have not been factored but several cases each of corn, potatoes, baked beans, fruits, and soap.
  • DEFENSE – Sitting well overall in this area as well. I want to add a new S&W M&P9 2.0 to the mix and possibly another 9mm pistol. I like the Taurus PT-92. Super reliable and inexpensive. Really the M&P is the only firearm I want to be added to the battery. Ammunition and additional magazines would round everything out. My round count of 45ACP is too low. Would like a couple thousand rounds by year end.
  • EMP – I need to finish my EMP kit which I have started in a galvanized trash can.

May not seem like much but as stated I feel pretty good where my preps are.



  • Debt reduction is the main goal with increasing savings the second. Had a few things happen in 2017 that caused my savings to drain. Need to get it back right while reducing debt.
  • To go along with the above tightening the reins on spending is necessary. Reducing needless spending based on convenience must go.

These are my most difficult measurable goals to achieve.



  • While this may sound selfish my goal on 2018 is to focus on ME and MY HAPPINESS.  That should trickle down from there.
  • Health and fitness are paramount. I need to drop 20 pounds and increase my cardio. In process now.
  • Experience more adventure. Weekend trips and doing things that get the adrenaline going are examples.

This is my most important area I am focussed on for 2018.


Nothing is written in stone and life has a way of throwing curveballs. Adaptation is always at the ready.

Anyone care to share theirs?


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