Preparedness Supplies: Emergency Essential July Sale!!

Emergency Essentials continues their monthly specials by hosting another fantastic one for July. 

Highlighted this month are their usual food storage solutions as well as several water storage and general preparedness deals. Emergency Essentials has been an industry leader for decades and have helped countless thousands prepare for unpredictable times ahead.

Here are a few of this month’s special sales:

55 Gallon Water Barrel  SALE: $69.99

Freeze Dried White Chicken #10 Can  SALE: $33.79 GREAT PRICE!!

Mountain House Freeze Dried Ground Beef #10 Can  SALE: $32.99

Peanut Butter Powder  SALE: $15.95

Scrambled Egg Mix #10 Can  SALE: $27.99

Mountain House Freeze Dried  Macaroni & Cheese #10 Can  SALE: $18.79

Premier 4 Person 72 Hour Food Kit  SALE: $114.99

Goal Zero 7 Solar Kit  SALE: $44.99

For more information and to see all products on sale click HERE.





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