List of Common Heirloom Seed Variety – Save Money!!

There are a lot of companies out there that offer heirloom seeds and often at very high prices. Heirloom seeds are attractive to many gardeners due to their non-GMO status and ability to harvest seeds from produce for future planting.

The reality is that many seeds commonly sold at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and similar businesses are in fact heirloom and very inexpensive. The very same seed variety packaged in a colorful mylar package will sell for 2-4X what the “budget” seed pack will sell for.



Heirloom varieties are open-pollinated–meaning that unlike hybrids, seeds you collect from one year will produce plants with most of the characteristics of the parent plant. And that’s key to their survival.

Many heirloom varieties were preserved by home gardeners who saved seed from their family gardens from year to year. Other seeds traveled around the world in the pockets or letters of immigrants, which is why, though the tomato evolved in Central America, we have varieties from Russia, Italy, Japan, France, Germany and Kentucky.”

Here is a list of commonly available heirloom seeds for food. If you see an error or know of one to add feel free to comment below:

Artichoke, Green Globe


Asparagus, Mary Washington


Basil, Greek


Bean Shell, Bush Dragon’s Tongue Wax

Bean, Bush, Early Bush Italian

Bean, Cannelino

Bean, Gold of Bacau

Bean, Italian Rose

Bean, Lima, Big Mama

Bean, Pole, Green Anellino

Bean, Purple Podded Pole

Bean, Runner, White Half

Bean, Snap, Red Swan

Bean, Triumphe De Farcy Bush

Bean (Pole) Romano

Bean – Harvester Bush Snap

Bean – Kentucky Wonder Pole

Bean – Henderson Bush Lima

Bean – Top Crop Bush Snap

Bean – Cherokee Yellow Wax

Bean – Contender Bush Snap Beans


Beet, Albino

Beet, Bull’s Blood

Beet, Chioggia

Beets – Detroit Dark Red

Beets – Ruby Queen

Beets Early Wonder


Broccoli, De Cicco

Broccoli, Green Sprouting Calabrese

Broccoli, Purple Sprouting

Broccoli, Romanesco

Broccoli – Calabrese

Broccoli – Waltham 29


Brussels Sprouts, Catskill

Brussels Sprouts, Long Island


Cabbage, Brunswick

Cabbage, CharlestonWakefield

Cabbage – Copenhagen Market

Cabbage – Early Jersey Wakefield

Cabbage – Golden Acre

Cabbage – Michihili

Cabbage – Pak Choy White Stem

Cabbage – Red Acre

Cabbage – Savoy


Cantaloupe, Hales Best Jumbo


Carrot, Danvers 126 Half Long

Carrot, Touchon

Carrot – Chantenay Red

Carrot – Little Finger

Carrot – Scarlet Nantes

Carrot – Tendersweet


Cauliflower, Snowball Self-Blanching


Corn, Country Gentleman

Corn, Golden Bantam

Corn – (Sweet) Golden Beauty


Cucumber, Lemon

Cucumber, Straight Eight

Cucumber – Boston Pickling

Cucumber: Lemon

Cucumber, National Pickling

Cucumber, Spacemaster Cucumber

Cucumber – Poinsett 76

Cucumber – Marketer

Cucumber – Marketmore 76


Eggplant, Black Beauty

Eggplant, Long Purple


Lettuce Head – Iceberg

Lettuce – Black Seeded Simpson

Lettuce – Buttercrunch

Lettuce – Salad Bowl Green

Lettuce – Romaine


Onion – Red Creole

Onion – Tokyo Long White

Onion – White Lisbon Bunching


Pea – Green Arrow

Pea – Mammoth Melting Sugar

Pea – Wando

Pea – Lincoln

Pea – Alaska

Pea – Oregon Giant


Pepper – Hot, Cayenne

Pepper – California Wonder

Pepper – Jalapeno

Pepper – Sweet Banana

Pepper – Grand Bell


Pumpkin – Jack O Lantern

Pumpkin – Small Sugar


Squash – Crookneck

Squash – Straightneck


Tomato – Delicious
Tomato – Beefsteak
Tomato – Rutgers


Turnip – Purple Top White Globe


Watermelon – Congo

Watermelon – Charleston Grey

Watermelon – Sugar Baby

Watermelon – Crimson Sweet


Zucchini – Grey

Zucchini – Dark Green

Zucchini – Black Beauty






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