From the Desk of John Rourke – December 8th, 2016

I continue to put together a survival library that will be second to none. The goal here is to have everything on a large flash drive – possibly 128 gigabytes. Insert the USB drive into a laptop and a menu will pop up. Super easy to use and accessing all the information will be a breeze. Well – that is the goal.

Most everything will be PDF – plus lots of video’s. The drive should also work on a Windows-based tablet as long as there is a USB port available.

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Favorite superhero:  Batman

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For some reason been thinking a lot about survival back in the 80’s. I remember certain products, magazines, books, and guns that were popular back then. For those old enough to have been into preparedness back in the 80’s there were some pretty cool stuff back then. This was all before the Internet and folks were fairly sure who the enemy was – the Soviet Union.

Think I’ll write up an article about 80’s survivalism.

Until then here is a sampling from the 80’s:

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Hope everyone’s week is going fantastic!!




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