Jericho Episode 15 – Semper Fidelis

Here is the fifteenth of a weekly installment discussing an episode of the popular TV series – Jericho – which aired originally back in 2006. Every Tuesday night we are watching an episode and then will discuss what happens the following day. It can be watched free on Netflix or purchased on VUDU. Jericho is also available on DVD.




The marines arrive with word that the Federal government is getting things under control and will be offering additional aide to Jericho soon. Jake and his father realize that these marines are not what they seem and handle the situation.  In the meantime Robert Hawkins finds that Sarah is not on his side and is searching for the hidden nuclear weapon.



Loved this episode. Hey – Jericho got a tank! The main lessons from a preparedness perspective gathered include paying attention. You never know when something may catch your eye and save your life. Trust and suspicion is something else. In this episode the marines come into town with a good story. People were so willing to believe out of desperation that help was on the way and that these folks were the real deal. Desperation can cloud judgement and create problems from wrong decisions.

The “survival mindset” is often discussed and that mindset is made up of different characteristics. In this particular episode AWARENESS saved the day.



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