Jericho Episode 13 – BLACK JACK

Here is the thirteenth of a weekly installment discussing an episode of the popular TV series – Jericho – which aired originally back in 2006. Every Tuesday night we are watching an episode and then will discuss what happens the following day. It can be watched free on Netflix or purchased on VUDU. Jericho is also available on DVD.




The town’s fuel reserves are critically low and solutions are needed. Jake, Johnston and a few others travel 200 miles to Black Jack Trading Post to look for needed parts to build windmills. Things do not work out there however new contacts are made from a nearby town. Heather goes with new friends to Newbern to assist in the construction of the windmills.

Hawkins old colleague moves into the house and tensions rise. More information begins to come out as to Hawkins and Sarah’s relationship and the purpose of her arrival in Jericho.


Thought this was a great episode and there was a lot there preparedness-wise:

  • Resources are Limited – fuel, medicine, food, and anything else that was purchased prior to the bombings will run out. Consider putting together a list of stuff that is used frequently and without things would be difficult. Many of these items are very inexpensive. I’m sure the folks in Jericho wish they had put back many of these items.
  • Bartering – No doubt in a true collapse situation bartering would become a common and useful form of commerce. Even today bartering is used frequently.
  • Dark Age Law Will Return – With the absence of law enforcement harsh and dark justice will be carried out. Common minor crimes today will be looked at quite seriously under collapse conditions. Simple theft or “shoplifting” will result harsh punishment.

The town meeting discussing the lack of fuel should send a big message – stock up now while you can.



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