What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

Hope everyone is staying cool wherever you are. Here in South Carolina the heat is just flat out intense.

Have had a pretty good week. Spent a lot of time on a home improvement project installing laminate flooring in our upstairs. It’s a pain and time consuming. Almost done.

Beyond that this week involved a lot of organizing. A substantial portion of my preparedness supplies are stored in my 2-car garage. I’ve needed to do a major overhaul in my organization and am over 75% complete thus far.

Went to our groups bug out location and helped unload a couple of rabbit hutches and move a few other things.

Worked on the group’s supply logistics list and also started a checklist for retreat arrival. Basically this checklist would be used should we have to relocate to the bug out location. This list would help provide some organization, reduce stress, and allow our brains to be used for thinking rather than remembering.

Paid on my layaway of the Springfield Operator 1911 45ACP. Can’t wait to get it out. Just a few hundred dollars left! Anyone wish to donate to the cause let me know.

Started marking all my magazines. I am way overdue for doing this.

Your turn…..


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