From the Desk of John Rourke – November 22nd, 2016

Fairly impressed with the moves that Trump has made so far with his transition team and those selected to be part of his Administration. He appears to be making selections that are right in line with his agenda as well as making attempts to improve relationships with those in Washington. Teamwork is going to be needed to get his ideas implemented.


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Silver prices have dropped over the past two weeks. While some may look at this as a negative I look at it as a buying opportunity.

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I mentioned a few days ago about my son’s best friend and the troubles he was having at home. He actually spent the night outside on the street as he did not want to “be a burden” on anyone. I set him straight that he was absolutely NOT to do that again and that if he had nowhere to go he could stay with us.

The wife and I talked and proposed a couple of things. We found local assistance that would provide him shelter and food. He was not interested in public assistance. The other involved us taking our shed in the backyard and converting it into a spare room. The shed is larger than my son’s room. So – this weekend everything will be moved out and cleaned up. Moisture barriers will be laid on floor and walls after the insulation is installed. The bare walls will be covered with plywood.

Some carpet will be laid down, an electric heater, a couple of twin beds, and a TV installed. LED lights will be installed as well. At some point the walls painted white.

Home, sweet home…….

I’m taking him to school every morning and I hope everything works out. He is going home for Thanksgiving. I also told him he is under no obligation to stay even though we are making all these accomodations.

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If looking for a compact, concealed carry gun check out the S&W Shield 45. I have held it several times and really like it.
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