From the Desk of John Rourke – January 25th, 2017


Some discussions around brass versus steel-cased ammunition use awhile back has been on my mind. I have no issues stocking and shooting steel in my AK – however only use it for practice in my AR. I also never shoot steel in any of my pistols. Doesn’t make sense does t? Actually for me it does.

The only issues I have had shooting steel in my AR’s has been two FTF(fail to fire) rounds. Primer hits failed to ignite. I ejected the round and kept going and both occurred during training. This is two rounds out of a couple thousand – not bad. I have read on forums that others have similar experiences. I have not read the same in relation to steel in AK’s. Why might this be? I suspect it is related to hammer impact in the AR versus AK. AK’s are just less picky when it comes to hard primers than AR’s. AK’s typically have heavier trigger pulls than AR’s and this involves hammer springs to a certain extent. Lighter hammer springs increase the odds of a light primer strike.

Now – why not shoot steel in my pistols? Simply the cost savings are just not there – and reliability is certainly an issue. First I see very little in steel-cased product available. Second, the cost of steel versus brass is as small as a couple dollars per 50. Lastly I have had issues with steel – and aluminum – in some of my handguns due to the frictional difference in case material compared to brass. The rougher, less-smooth steel/aluminum takes more effort to push it out of the top of a magazine than brass.

Any concern over wear? Not me.

I continue to take advantage of the less expensive steel-cased ammo in my AR’s for practice/training.

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Governor Jerry Brown(CA) states he will not back down to immigration laws that may be made more restrictive with the new Administration.


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Working out has been going fairly well. Diet has been decent except on weekends where it has been a struggle. Overall not bad and will be cranking the intensity next week.

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Hope everyone is having a great week.


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