From the Front Lines: Supplies, Illegals, Movies, SPAM?

Here is another installment of “From the Front Lines”. Basically a collection of random thoughts related to preparedness, current events, and whatever else that’s on my mind.

  • Organization: I need to seriously organize my preps. Far too many times I have needed something and couldn’t find it in a reasonable amount of time. Unacceptable. Last night worked on it and making just a little headway is motivating. Once mostly complete I am going to inventory everything. A spreadsheet I created a while back will calculate how many days of food I have based on “X” number of people and “X” number of calories needed per person.


  • I haven’t forgotten about the “Operational Cache” series. Last part is rather involved and working on a couple now to include.



  • Just watched the movie “The Edge” with Alex Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins. What a great movie. I have sen it several times before but it had been awhile. Can be picked up on Amazon for around $5.00 on DVD.


  • Consider that over the next 5 years there is a very good chance that several Supreme Court Justices will be appointed. If Hillary wins this will sway the court far to the left. If younger Justices are appointed we could be faced with a Liberal Supreme Court for an entire generation. Goodbye 2nd Amendment.


  • Just started reading American Exit Strategy again. What a great series. It is so timely with the way the political winds are blowing.



  • Things are going decent with I’m certainly not putting the time into it that I spent with my previous site – priorities. I appreciate all the comments and interaction which is much better than over at MSO. I did notice that after my email to website subscribers about a special deal on Sawyer Mini Water Filters a bunch unsubscribed. Disappointing. I guessed that maybe some people thought it was SPAM but I also noticed some of those unsubscribed were longtime subscribers. Hate to see that but not much I can do. I don’t send out a lot of emails and will continue to pass on really good deals or special information when necessary.


  • Going to add some regular featured posts similar to Q&A and What did you do to prep this week? posts. These may be more than once a month or more frequent.


  • If anyone would like to comment on some things they would like to see more of – or less of – I would welcome it.


Here’s a little something to think about…….


Take care all –








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