From the Bug Out Location of John Rourke – June 14th, 2017


The discussions yesterday revolving around bugging out and bug out locations got me thinking. This has been a major topic for me over the past few years and I’ll share some of what I have experienced.

As someone mentioned yesterday many of us just do not have the funds to live in a home and also purchase additional land. In my case I have multiple bug out locations should a situation get severe enough that leaving home is necessary. I do not own any of these locations. My primary location is a designated area that the survival group I am a member has selected. The property is lived on by one of the members and is located well off the beaten path. We are in the process of establishing a pre-staged cache of supplies at the retreat so members do not have to bring everything when things get bad. I had my first supply run this past weekend.

My secondary location is located close to 160 miles(7 gallons of gas) from my home. At a little over 3 hours during normal times, this is not ideal as heavy traffic could easily double travel time to 6+ hours. My brother lives on close to 40 acres in Georgia and is also well off the beaten path. My brother is also a prepper, however, I really need to pre-stage supplies there as well. In a meeting I had with David – aka SouthernPrepper1 – he mentioned that you never know where you will be when something happens. I visit my brother several times per year so it is possible that something could occur while visiting. It would wise to store some supplies there – just in case.

I cannot conceive of a situation where I would NOT reside in one of these locations when the fit hits the shan. If – and that is a big IF – an alternate location is needed I would target areas such as state parks and wildlife refugees. A camp would be set up as far from any traveled public road or logging road as possible. If cabin rentals are present even better.

The information above is related to me and my circumstances. I’ll look into expanding more on the entire bugging out topic. As Clark mentioned when it all goes bad fuel may not be able to be purchased. There may be no electricity. Water will need to be gathered. Security will be important and a 24/7 watch is critical. Bugging out throwing everything needed for months in your trunk is difficult. There are ways though(caches and trailers).

A good start is to consider different likely scenario’s that could occur – causing you to bug out. If “X” occurs how much time would you have to get to “Y”? How can I make sure I have the fuel to get there? What would be the best time to travel? What “triggers” would cause me to head out ASAP – and which ones would just have me pack a few extra supplies and get ready?

Good discussions yesterday.


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