Jericho Episode 1: Pilot


Here is the first of a weekly installment discussing an episode of the popular TV series – Jericho – which aired originally back in 2006. Every Tuesday night we are watching an episode and then will discuss what happened the following day. It can be watched free on Netflix or purchased on VUDU. Jericho is also available on DVD.


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Jericho Episode 1 – “Pilot”


Main character Jake Green returns to his hometown to collect some inheritance after being away for several years under mysterious circumstances. After running into several old friends making up different stories explaining his long absence he ends up fighting with his father regarding money. Jake decides to leave empty handed and witnesses a mushroom cloud as he heads out of town. Being distracted Jake and another vehicle collide.

The townspeople are understandably distraught over the mushroom cloud rising over Denver in the distance.   The town’s Mayor Johnston Green(Jake’s father) and the local police begin to look for information on what exactly has happened. Was it an accident? Are we under attack? A school bus of missing kids add to the story and Jake helps get the bus back to town as parents panic over their children.

The town finds out that Denver was NOT the only explosion and NOT an accident. The plot thickens……


The town’s immediate semi-panicked reaction is fairly realistic. There is no TV reception and no phones working – cell or landline. I have to assume cable and satellite TV is out as well as all Internet access. This was a bit unrealistic but remember this takes place in 2006 and there maybe a justifiable reason(stay tuned). Mayor Green places an emphasis on staying calm and displayed leadership in a crisis.

After the power goes out panic really begins to set in. The “not knowing what is happening” and the stress of no power and uncertainty fuels tempers at local fuel pumps. This would most certainly occur and likely to a larger extent depending on the area. Remember – this is within hours of the initial explosion.

Local grocery store owner Gracie finds that all the refrigerated food is going bad but her faithful employee Dale Turner throws some in the freezers along with some ice. Good thinking.

The scenario itself seems somewhat plausible but doubtful. Could terrorists coordinate a large scale nuclear attack covering multiple cities?  Regardless of believability that is the storyline.

For those who have not watched the rest of the series Episode 1 leaves so many questions unanswered.

Don’t forget to watch Episode 2 next Tuesday night.



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