Retreat Arrival Checklist


I’ve been asked several times about when something happens and people first arrive at a retreat location. Questions usually come up regarding who does what and when. Granted situation details will dictate quite a bit but having some form of checklist will help remember things, decrease stress, and allow people to use their brains for thinking.

Here is one example that is broken up into days for the first week or so.

Day 1 Checklist – first 24 hours upon arrival:

  • Injuries? Check and treat.
  • Gather facts from all group members
    • What has been seen and where?
    • What has been heard? Source?
    • Make sure everyone is informed and educated on all information.
    • Notes should be taken to reference later rather than relying on memory.
  • Determine potential threats if any? If so set up security watch right away.
  • Get someone on commo to gain intelligence/information. This includes internet/radio/TV/social media/Ham/CB
  • Inventory all supplies brought to retreat by members to add to inventory lists
  • How much combined cash/silver/gold is on hand?
  • If safe – formulate a supply run(s) to purchase additional supplies while the ability still exists(see “Supply Run Checklist” – coming soon)
  • Get an inventory of all fuel.
    • How much is in each vehicle in gallons?
    • How much is currently stored?
    • Is it safe to go out for more? If so go get some. Get back quickly.
    • How much propane?
    • How much charcoal?
  • If electricity is still on get all rechargeable batteries into a charger.
  • Water running? If so fill all available containers.
  • Set up sleeping arrangements at a minimum on a temporary basis.
  • Cook a large, filling dinner – important for moral


Day 2-3 Checklist:

  • House rules – all determined by property owner
  • Get pet’s situated that were brought to the retreat
  • Everyone has communication methods on their body if they venture away from retreat more than “normal voice distance”
  • Set up Security/Patrol schedules
  • Get solar systems set up and running
  • Set up potable water dispenser
  • Based on current condition install light and sound discipline
  • Set up water filtration methods
  • Set up alternative bathroom facilities
  • Set up bathroom/sanitation schedule
  • Camouflage driveway entrance  
  • Set up medical station for self-treatment of minor cuts, burns, and scrapes
  • Determine any specific projects that need attention and seek volunteers/assign duties
  • Reach out to family and friends  – OPSEC!!!!


Day 3-7 Checklist:

  • Determine outward patrol location and schedule
  • Set up LPOP areas
  • Set up defensive position and assign members to areas
  • Review communication protocols between members in defensive situations
  • Determine procedure for dealing with strangers/approaching people
  • Gather and set up rain gear/clothing
  • Doublecheck food inventory to determine how many days available for group


Any other suggestions? Thoughts?



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