It’s all falling apart. What do we do?

Today we face a daily torrent of troubling news. The world itself seems to be falling apart as in almost every hemisphere chaos is present. The Middle East continues to be a powder keg of violence and death. Terrorism is spreading across the planet with radical Islam’s touch going so far that teenage girls in modern societies are pledging loyalty. Troubling. Political dismay is running wild throughout Europe as well as the United States with division being a standard operating procedure. Mother nature is wreaking havoc in many areas and economic strife continues to inflict sorrow and struggle on countless millions – worldwide.

I’m not done.

North Korea continues their threats recently detonating a hydrogen bomb. Iran – one of the largest backers of terrorism –  receives billions of dollars due to a “deal” headed by the United States.  China’s economic struggles have the rest of the world’s stock markets on a roller coaster ride of unpredictability. Russia consistently flexes its military muscles totally disregarding the United States and its demands. The United States – once a valued and respected world superpower – is now looked at as anemic and passive. We have a leader in the White House who disregards the Constitution and bypasses Congress to achieve his personal will.

But wait….there’s more.

The US population continues to stray away from God and the core principles which once guided this country. Our morals are decaying and Islam is now the second largest practicing religion in this country. The “low information voter” continues to support politicians instead of leaders. Citizens are more in touch with what the Kardashians are doing and gossiping about their neighbors than critical issues that will affect generations to come.

That’s about enough.

So yes – it is all falling apart. I sit here in my living room wondering how it will all turn out and exactly what actions I should take in response.  I mean…..what is an American Patriot to do? As a gun-toting, God-loving, Conservative believer in the Constitution it can be pretty frustrating.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Accept that there may not be anything you can do to improve all these situations used as examples. It’s reality. As an individual the ability to inflict major change is limited and just not very realistic.
  • As individuals we are empowered to take responsibility for ourselves. Regardless of government intrusion and all the craziness in the world we can make decisions for ourselves that WILL have an impact.
    • We can reduce our debt to diminish our economic exposure.
    • Secondary sources of income can be sought to better handle job loss.
    • Grow your own food to decrease the dependence on grocery stores.
    • Become part of a survival group. In a group if one member falls on hard luck the others can help lift them up.
    • Save money. In almost any collapse cash money would continue to be used for some time. In a personal SHTF such as job loss cash reserves would extremely beneficial.
  • Vote. Yeah – I know. They are all crooks. It is easy to get down on the entire political process. Believe me I understand. There are some true leaders out there that are trying to do good. Those that are – vote for them.
  • Prepare. If it all does come crashing down put back food, water, firearms, and other essential supplies to weather the storm.
  • Concealed Carry. Take responsibility for your own safety and be armed. Get the training and become proficient.
  • Ignore it all. Yes – I know many people who just choose to exist in ignorant bliss and bury their head in the sand. They pay no attention to politics and watch no news. For them it’s all palm trees and ocean breeze.

No doubt this is not an all-inclusive list of concerning events nor methods of dealing with them. I don’t proclaim to have all the answers. It is not all gloom and doom and it is possible that everything will work out just fine. I can’t see how but it is possible.

The one thing that I find solace in is to surround myself with good people. People that are like-minded and have similar values as myself. That cannot be purchased with money but is extremely valuable.

Take care all –



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