What did you do to prep this past week?

All last week I looked forward to camping on Friday – and attending a firearm class on Saturday. Friday night I set up my new Eno doublenest hammock for the first time using the Helios suspension system. The Enos is a great hammock but what really shined was the Helios. It makes the hammock setup and adjustment incredibly easy.

While setting up had a fellow group member go over a few things including finding fatwood, identifying some of those horrible 3 leaf plants such as poison ivy, and we found some edible local plants.

After the sleep system was put in place Prepper Ralph(partner over at The Patriot Podcast) and I did some night shooting using my M&P15-22 with attached light. It was a great experience. We did a lot of shooting with the M&P and I think Ralph was pretty impressed. It continues to impress me with its accuracy and reliability.

The temperature dropped overnight down to 43 degrees.  The black bag from my MSS(Military Sleep System) kept me very comfortable.

Saturday morning I woke up just prior to 7:00 am  and fired up my Coleman propane stove and cooked breakfast. I discovered Prepper Ralph doesn’t like bacon. I am now contemplating that he may be a communist. Who doesn’t like bacon? I mean…..it’s BACON!


Once the whole group arrived we began training. Of course safety was covered first and then we got down to business. It was a good refresher and a lot of fun. I felt good with my performance and also that of my guns. I used my AR pistol and my Canik TP9SA. I ran a Condor Plate Carrier.


It was a great time and look forward to doing it again soon.

So – what have you done this past week?



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