From the Desk of John Rourke – August 22nd, 2017


Beginning September 11th a weekly series titled “Tactics for the American Reformation…” will begin. Every Monday for 8+ weeks a variety of topics will be covered with an emphasis on “tactical readiness”. While tactical is an overused term when it comes to product offerings it fits well for the defensive nature of an existence for many during the American Reformation.

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The eclipse was kinda neat. I was not able to see the total effect but we were at around 99%.

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There are a lot of reports that Antifa and similar Alt-Left groups are ramping up a plan to oust Trump/Pence on November 4th. I hear all kinds of predictions that can be filed in the “conspiracy” folder and this was sounded like that as well. A few Google searches later and it turns out to be true. Antifa specifically is rallying its members to protest across the nation on November 4th. Considering the hateful and violent manner which their other efforts have turned out it would be wise to pay attention to things like this.

No link is provided as doing so would provide an electronic trail back to this website. I prefer just to report on the idiots.

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Any reports out there on AR500 plates? Pro’s, Con’s? Suggestions on other manufacturers?

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I managed to take a pretty good picture yesterday of the eclipse while it was occurring. Came out better than expected……

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Several posts from have been featured on The Prepper Website Podcast. Cool!!! Check out the podcast HERE – pretty good stuff.

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