Rourke’s new AR Build


As a certified gun nut and a true believer than “too many guns” is something that should never be uttered – I am putting together another AR-15. Figured I would discuss what I am doing and discuss a few options I am looking at. Feel free to chime in….


I already have the lower. It was originally an 80% lower that I and only I and absolutely no one else machined to 100% completion. The lower came from I finished it out with an Anderson lower parts kit and a PSA M4 stock kit with buffer tube.



I am looking at several different triggers right now. One is the Hypertouch EDT which I have in my AR pistol. Great trigger breaking at around 5-5.5 pounds and for the money is excellent. Another I am considering is the Rise Armament RA-140. With a trigger pull of 3.5 pounds it is on the light side however as this will be a magnified optic mounted weapon that could prove beneficial.



I have done business with Mid State Firearms and so far have been extremely happy. Looking at all they have to offer I decided on a 16″ free-float barrel with an 1:8″ twist rate. I chose 1:8″ as it provides a good twist rate for a multitude of loads and as I shoot only 55 and 62 grain rounds it works. The slim rail is fantastic and inclusion of picatinny rails provide attachment points. At $279.99 it’s a bargain.

Note: I am not a fan of attaching a bunch of accessories to a rifle. About the only thing I might attach via picatinny is a weapons light or an angled foregrip.



I am planning to install standard Magpul Rear and Front back up sights. These fold down out of the way for use with an optic. In addition to open sights I want to add an optic with magnification.

One possibility is a Vortex Strikefire II paired with a flip mount 3X magnifier. I have used a similar setup and while it works well I am leaning towards a 1-4X scope such as the Vortex Crossfire II.



While the standard A2 grip works I would like something that fills my hand a bit better. I’m looking at the Hogue AR grip. The Hogue feels great. As far as the stock the standard adjustable M4 works just fine however I am looking at Magpul CTR or Hogue stock. I played with the notion of investing in an expensive sliding rail stock such as this, or this – but have decided against it.



I am going to mount a flashlight on one of the front rails. Currently looking at the InForce 200 Lumen Weapons Mounted Light. There are more powerful lights however I’m concerned with being blinded if my beam hits a wall or object nearby. 200 lumens is plenty bright.


Most likely I will continue to use standard PMAG’s or aluminum mags with this firearm. I am looking at picking up a Magpul D-60 but they are ridiculously expensive.



Will likely order a standard BCG from Mid State or PSA. I am not of the belief that special coatings add anything to the performance of the firearm – just cost. Bolts will last more rounds than I will ever shoot out of the gun.



Single point sling adapters, charging handles, etc. – I’ve not really looked into these a whole lot. I like things simple and I have seen some charging handles out there with metal sticking out all over the place. Guess that makes it easier to grab  – or get caught on something.

Feel free to give your opinions and thoughts. I’ll update as the project moves along.

Keep your powder dry –



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