From the Desk of John Rourke – August 17th, 2017


Great comments and discussions lately. Appreciate it. Let’s keep it going.

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Had lunch with five co-workers yesterday and current events came up. I mentioned “Antifa” and only one knew what “Antifa” was. Folks – that is a big problem. They all have heard about the racists in Charlottesville but only one knew about the other groups there.

Excellent evidence the MSM’s agenda is being played well.

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Here’s a question that GG58 has brought up several times and I’ll throw it out there now. I don’t think it has been satisfactorily answered and I cannot say I have the answer. At least not completely.

How do we get organized?

Yes – that’s it. I’m talking Patriots. I’m talking the anti-Antifa. I’m talking those who wish to take this country back.

While the Left is organizing, creating flags, raising money, getting training, and making progress – what of the Right? It’s not happening at least I’m not seeing it. Sure – Trump won the Presidency. It’s easy for folks to walk into a booth and vote in complete privacy. What about protesting? What about standing up for whats right and being heard? What about fighting for the country you believe in?

As stated I don’t have the answers. I question whether the organization can be done to any national level or even state level. Why? The Progressive Left as a group is much more single-minded in their beliefs and desires. On the Right things like “principle”, “rights”, and “laws” have meaning. The Right have various opinions and while although similar – they are different and many stand on principle without a willingness to compromise. With that said – the Right remains unorganized or at least compared to many on the Left.


Check out these protesting guides used by the Progressive movement:

DirectAction_Nov2011_FINAL-1 Activist-Workshop-Planning-a-Protest



The answer is out there. I can tell you many on the Right fear being too outspoken as they may be paid a visit by law enforcement. I’ve had people email me and send me messages saying “be careful” with how I say things and what I may suggest. First Amendment, right? There are many out there speaking MUCH more radical than I ever have. I’m not worried.

How about the renewal of The Tea Party movement?


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