From the Desk of John Rourke – April 27th, 2017

Protein is often an expensive component in food storage programs. Freeze dried meat can be upwards of $30 – $50 for a #10 can. Canned meat like ham is a good option and they will keep for many years. While rice and beans combined may make a complete dietary protein  – it’s not the same.

Local grocery store had some canned chicken on sale. Good price. Picked up the limited and will be going back tomorrow.

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COMMUNITY INTELLIGENCE:  Big subject for the little amount of space here. A topic I rarely see discussed and I’m no expert but certainly have given it a lot of thought. Civil unrest for whatever reason breaks out in your community or nearby area. What do you really know about your area?

How many gangs are present?

Where are they typically located?

How many break-ins have occurred within a 10 mile radius of your home in the last year? Five years? Is there an upward trend? How about within 1 mile?

How many police officers – city and county – are employed? How many are on duty at any given time?

Where is the nearest National Guard unit to your area?

Is the local Sheriff a Republican or Democrat? Where do they stand on gun control?

What is the ratio of white, black, and latino in your area? It matters.

Do you have a scanner – or at least a scanner app – that will pick up local police, fire and rescue activities?

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Might not be the manliest drink out there but Henry’s Hard Grape Soda is phenomenal.

There are many reasons why so many love their Kindle and Amazon Fire tablets. One huge advantage is you could literally go years without every buying a book to read as there are tons of free eBooks available. Don’t have a Kindle or Fire? No problem. There are apps that can be installed on most any cell phone or computer for free. No excuses!

Today’s Freebies

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NOTE: If you see a free preparedness eBook that you’re interested in get it now. Prices change often and there is no way to tell how long the book will remain free. Before purchasing a free Kindle book on Amazon make certain the book is still free by making sure the price is $0.00. If it lists a price or says “read for free” or has a price for prime members the book is not free anymore.


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