Atlanta Hwy 85 Bridge Fire – What Prepper’s Need to Know


This past Thursday a fire was purposely set under a bridge in Atlanta on Highway 85. The fire has destroyed the bridge and rendered it inoperable. For those of us that have traveled through this area know the tremendous disruption this has created. Over 250,000 people each and every day travel over that bridge – but now need to find another way.

Survival and preparedness websites for decades have talked about the possibility of supply chain interruptions and non-passable highways all caused for one reason or another. This event in itself certainly shows an existing vulnerability in our infrastructure that could be exploited. That exploitation – if widespread – could truly create a devasting economic event throughout the United States.

The Atlanta bridge fire is a reminder that we all spend a lot of time away from home and on the road. What if something occurs and we cannot travel our regular route? What if we have to walk? Are there “bad” sections to travel through? How much gas is in my vehicle at any given point? Is it enough?

A lot of questions.

5 Preparedness Recommendations When Traveling:

  1. Don’t let your gas tank drop below half full.
  2. Keep a supply of water such as a case of water bottles in the vehicles trunk or storage area.
  3. Have at a minimum a small food supply such as nutrition bars, MRE’s, crackers, etc.
  4. Toilet paper – a few rolls for when the “S” true hits the fan.
  5. Keep a couple of portable backup battery chargers to keep cell phones operating

A plastic tote or backpack holding the above supplies – plus more – is advisable. Although cell phones have GPS capability an assortment of maps is a good idea as well

Be careful out there and drive safely.




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