Video: The Violent Unraveling of the LEFT: Get Ready!


The Patriot Nurse comes unraveled in her discussion of how the Left is becoming more radical and violent and what a possible future may bring us. She does an excellent job providing specific examples of how those that accuse American Patriots of being the hate mongers and having violent tendencies – when reality is quite different.

Finishing her discussion with logical advice on how to counter this growing movement and potential threat.

My Take: She is right on the money.  The survival of our country has been and is continuing to be threatened not only by those with a different opinion on fundamental political beliefs but by those who wish to extinguish anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe. The Patriot Nurse comments something about she has no desire to work with or to compromise with these radical Progressives. I agree. Right is right – and wrong is wrong. We should not willingly compromise to a wrong position. Period.




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