The Top 5 Best Apocalyptic Movies

Over the last week I have watched a couple of newer movies with distinct apocalyptic themes. This got me thinking of my favorites and the ones I felt were the best.  One of the reason I enjoy watching these kinds of movies is they get me thinking. I mean – putting myself in the situations involved gives me ideas on how to handle them. It is a good thing to envision and visualize situations and conditions.

Here are my top 5 best apocalyptic movies.

1. Red Dawn

2. I Am Legend

3. The Book of Eli

4. The Day After Tomorrow

5. Contagion

Ask me next week and the list will likely be totally different. These movies entertain and provoke thought. The actions of the characters are certainly not a guide of what to do in various circumstances.

Now go grab the popcorn!!!

What are your favorite?




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