5 Tips for Improving Your Shooting Accuracy


It happens to every shooter, whether you are a novice or an experienced shooter. You get to a point where you miss targets that you know you should hit. Sometimes you may be new to shooting, but you seem to have plateaued in your shooting skills. Or maybe you are just trying to improve your skills to become a better shooter. Either way, it is important you develop discipline and use these tips to improve your accuracy


Slow Down

Everyone wants to shoot well and shoot fast. However, speed always comes at the expense of accurate shots. If you are unable to group your shots, the first step you need to take is to slow down. Once you manage to group the shots, you can then start picking up the pace. To learn how to slow down, here is an important tip, which can work great for you.

Put an aiming point at close range; when using a handgun, this can be at five yards, for a rifle, start at 25 yards. Aim at the center of mass and fire around. Now take as much time as possible to empty the rest of the clip without enlarging the initial bullet hole. That is impossible for any shooter to achieve.

However, that will help you to focus on the basic of shooting. These are breath control, trigger control, and sight picture. This slow-fire drill helps to reinforce muscle memory needed for accuracy. Now double the distance and repeat the drill. It is also a great way for you to get rid of a flinch.


Squeeze Trigger Don’t Pull

The trigger challenge can be divided into two. These are the mental and physical aspect of squeezing the trigger. The mental aspect is the hardwired response in our mind, which causes us to flinch when squeezing the trigger. This will cause the bullet to miss whatever you were targeting. To avoid this, ear protection and practice can really help.

Since the trigger is below a short barrel in a handgun, unlike a rifle, it is quite easy to tip the barrel if the trigger is pulled too fast. Thus, instead of yanking at it in anticipation of the bang, try to slide it along the same axis as the barrel. This will only work if the index finger is in the right position.

Avoid having the index finger pressing sideways on it. Press on it straight back like you would when you click on a pen. Besides that, you need to be holding the gun in the correct position. You also need to take your focus away from the loud bang and focus on the trigger. If you do not get used to focusing on the trigger, your mind will always try to pull you away each time. You will find that you flinch quite often when trying to make a shot.



Alignment is Important

At the most basic, you need to learn how to align the sights while you focus on the front sight. When you do that, the rear sights should be blurry as should be the target. The front sight should be clear.


Practice Shooting Drills

Another important aspect of being good at shooting is practice. After you learn all the skills, you will quickly forge unless you practice often. If you want to become a professional, that will mean hitting the shooting range as often as possible. If possible, look for good drill online, such as this resource that you can use. Try them often until you get that your skills are good.


Muscle Memory

The instantaneous and intuitive manipulation of a firearm is one of the most important skills you can learn at a shooting range. However, there is both bad and good muscle memory. For instance, you do not want to pick up bad habits that could affect your accuracy during a competition or when hunting.

Such situations are stressful, and you want to make the most of them in the least amount of time possible. That will mean you practice as often as possible. Besides that, it will mean you have to use weapons and ammunition that are close to the real thing that you use in hunting or during a competition.

Additionally, if you use any gear, ensure that it is similar to what you would use in a real-life situation. In short, muscle memory is about learning all the right skills and practicing them as often as possible.


Alex Briggs is a contributing writer and media specialist for Galco Gunleather. He regularly produces content for a variety of gun and personal safety blogs.



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