Review: CR123 Battery Case

Several weeks ago purchased a unique case off that holds CR123 batteries. It cost around $5 so I gave it a shot. No need for a long drawn out review on something so simple – it works.

The purpose of this battery case is to hold CR123 batteries in place and protect them from the elements. It also serves from keeping them from touching each other potentially causing a fire. Is this a real survival necessity? Absolutely not – but it is useful and is pretty cool. 


With the top screwed on securely it feels fairly rugged and is waterproof. It holds a total of 7 CR123 batteries. There are 6 spaces around the interior of the case however another will fit in the middle.


At around $5.00 and free shipping I am going to order a few more. Finding more and more my flashlight fetish is being met by lights which are powered by CR123 batteries. These are great to “grab and go” knowing that I’ll have plenty of power for my flashlights when needed.

Click HERE for more information.

Thanks – Rourke




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