Why 1776PatriotUSA?

Confused by the title? That’s OK. Couldn’t figure out what to call this post so I guess I am a bit too.

Why did I call this website 1776PatriotUSA.com? Previous endeavor was solely preparedness-based. Plain and simple. With the direction this country is taking I meant to make this a place of relevant information for an adapting populace. This “populace” includes you, me, and every other like-minded Patriot we can find and convince that deliberate steps must be taken to secure our future.

This isn’t conspiracy. This isn’t crazy talk. This country is threatened from forces both inside AND out. All it takes to see it is someone to open their mind, pay attention – and think for themselves. Oh – and a belief in the Constitution and what the Founders established would be beneficial as well.

The last decade or two have generated societal change so significant that there is actually a debate going on within government as to what bathroom someone should use. Seriously. Government is spending valuable time on this subject. Imagine what Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin would think. Society has degraded to such a point that the majority of Americans believe that capital punishment is wrong but abortion is OK.

Society has fallen so far that in 2008 a man who said he wanted to fundamentally change the greatest country in the world and sat in a church whose pastors beliefs included “…not God bless America, God damn America…” was actually elected President.

Even after four years in office and well on his way of fundamental change President Obama was re-elected in 2012.

America continues to be fundamentally changed. Changed from a solid foundation of principles and beliefs that if you are a visitor at this website you more than likely believe in. Capitalism has provided an avenue for the United States to grow into an economic superpower providing countless millions with jobs and opportunity. Today there is a growing segment of the population that believes capitalism is evil.

President Obama provided insight into this anti-capitalistic belief system in 2012 when he stated your success is not due to your hard work rather it falls on the backs of others.

Senator Elizabeth Warren continued Obama’s anti-capitalist thoughts in a rant where she continued to proclaim that there is an “underlying social contract” that successful people owe everyone else.

These are leaders in our government.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continue to push the “it’s us against them” rhetoric demonizing successful business people and placing barriers between them and the lower and middle class. Bernie Sanders has tremendous support and is an admitted socialist. Growing up I looked at the United States as a force for freedom against socialism and he we sit with a socialist so close to the White House.

Hillary Clinton is corrupt, dishonest and I am not at all hesitant to use the word evil. The evidence is massive. This women is actually calling the relatives of those killed in Benghazi liars. Unbelievable – yet she receives millions of votes and will very likely be our next President.

Trump? Love or hate him I would prefer him well over Hillary or Bernie any day. He  – like every other candidate – is far from perfect. He has professed his love for this country for decades and while his beliefs may have wavered and changed(like many citizens) his platform is solid. Not perfect – solid.

Back to why I created 1776PatriotUSA.com.

Consider the name. 1776 is significant as it is the year of the Declaration of Independence. The original 13 colonies severed ties with Great Britain and set a path for greatness.  Patriot is what I am and patriotism is what we need more of. Patriotism for me is an emotional thing and difficult to explain. It is a belief in an incredible idea revolving around freedom and liberty – and a moral determination of what is right.  USA is pretty self explanatory.

The future is uncertain and I believe it will be riddled with trouble. I hope to keep 1776PatriotUSA as a portal for navigating the coming storms.  Patriots may find themselves targeted. They may find themselves being victims of prejudice. They may find themselves fighting to take their country back.

As I wrap this up I could have brought up Obama’s celebrations of Islam and suppression of Christianity. I could have brought up the immigrants protesting in the streets, waving another country’s flag – and burning ours. I could have brought up the country’s outcry over the death of a celebrity but near silence over illegals continuing to cross our southern border. No need to. I’m sure you are already well aware.

Thoughts? What do you see coming?



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