Obama Executive Action – Protect United States from EMP

Obama just signed an Executive Order on October 13th acknowledging the danger of solar activity possibly affecting the electrical grid of the United States. This new Executive Action sets up governmental organizations and delegates responsibilities for research and implementation of programs to forecast, detect, and respond to solar activity.

This is a major position shift of the US Government who in 2008 received testimony on July 10th, 2008 in front of the House Armed Services Committee from the EMP Commission and took no action as a result. The EMP Commission provided a full report to Congress. To summarize – this report concluded an EMP attack could result in a 90% die-off of all US citizens.

Although this Executive Order specifies solar activity as its focus in it my belief that its true function is EMP preparedness.

Of interest is Section 4 sub-section D –

(d) The Secretary of Energy shall facilitate the protection and restoration of the reliability of the electrical power grid during a presidentially declared grid security emergency associated with a geomagnetic disturbance pursuant to 16 U.S.C. 824o-1.

Beyond the language dictating responsibilities for research, communication, and reporting there are suggestions of overreach.

(e) The Secretary of Homeland Security shall:

(i) ensure the timely redistribution of space weather alerts and warnings that support national preparedness, continuity of government, and continuity of operations; and

(ii) coordinate response and recovery from the effects of space weather events on critical infrastructure and the broader community.

Section (ii) above could reference an authority for Homeland Security to do whatever they deem necessary in recovery such as seize private materials and supplies and even people – as evident in the National Defense Security Act(NDSA).

Overall the United States preparing its infrastructure for solar/EMP activity is long overdue. It is at a minimum interesting the timing of this Executive Action and the current activity going on between Russia and the United States.

J Rourke



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