Thoughts on Ammunition Storage

This video on ammunition storage came out several years ago. Extremely logical in their recommendation for using military ammo cans for ammunition storage as well as detailed labeling. After watching when it first came out I changed my practices and now store ammunition in a similar manner.

While true US military ammo cans are harder to find there are several clones out there that will work well. Wal-Mart and Academy Sports carry reproductions that I have purchased for $12-$15. I recommend staying away from the Blackhawk brand as the samples I have seen had horrible welding.

I’ll continue to say it: Stock up NOW! Ammunition at the moment is extremely plentiful and inexpensive. This will not always be the case and it’s just a matter of time before something occurs creating a shortage. Take advantage of the available time now…while you can.

A few things mentioned in the video:

40-gram reusable desiccant packs

30 cal./50 cal. Steel Ammo Cans

Soleus 45-Pint Dehumidifier


Keep your powder dry!!


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