What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

Spent a good amount of time researching what is happening in Venezuela. They are experiencing an economic collapse and it would be a very good idea to watch what happens there and learn from it. Interesting how I am hearing very little about Venezuela and the collapse in the main steam media. What a great example as to why socialism does not work.

Currently there are massive waits in line for basic essentials such as food, medicine, and toilet paper. Inflation is around 700%. Crime is spreading across the country with people having little to defend themselves with due to strict gun control. Infant mortality is way up due to lack of medical care and essential medicines.

Could it happen here?

Over this past week:

  • Caught up on some YouTube video’s.
  • Signed up to take a Carbine-Pistol Tactical Response class in June. Can’t wait.
  • Picked up 3 Home Depot buckets with lids for food storage.


Here’s something to get you thinking:



So – what have you done this past week?





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