What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

This past week flew by. Had planned to go to my brothers place in Georgia but had to cancel last minute due to some issues with my 17 year old. Just didn’t feel I could leave for the weekend. So – had guns and some other equipment all packed in my 1997 Mustang GT convertible ready to go. Oh well.

This week picked up my new Springfield Operator 1911 45ACP.  My time spent with the Panhandle Rancher convinced me to acquire one.  Need to order extra magazines, a holster, and a light to mount on the rail. I really like the Streamlight TLR-1.


I also received a Convoy L6 3,800 lumen LED flashlight from Gearbest. I ordered some batteries and a charger off Amazon and “WOW!” – this thing is incredible. The bad part of mentioning this light is Capt. Michaels is going to have to explain to his wife why he NEEDS another flashlights. I’ll post a review with some comparison pictures to show just how bright this thing is.

Continued re-reading Book 5 of 299 Days. Great series.

Sharpened a few knives. Need some better knife sharpening equipment. Ceramic sticks is my normal method.

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I watched little of the DNC convention. Basically the first night and then listened to some of Hillary’s speech.

Horrible. I have never heard such rhetoric and lies.

A friend of mine posted on FB……

I’m gonna say this and if it pisses you off or offends you, then Piss on you. I don’t give a crap what party you’re for or whether you even like Trump. But you better make a tough decision and realize how it effects your children and their children. We approaching a degree of Lawlessness never before seen in this Nation.
And I will flat out tell you there is One thing and One thing alone that is there to stop it. The American Lawman. And yes, it does suck to get a ticket, it does suck to have an at fault wreck or get stopped on your way somewhere when you’re already late, but in every instance your Actions led you there. You simply brush off these Officers being ambushed, shot and killed and brutally attacked as well, by simply saying, it’s not here. Well to Us it is here, Indianapolis could be Brandon Brown, Washington state could be Marquez, we have brothers and sisters everywhere. Once you’ve driven the Heart and desire out of the Police Officer, Woe unto us all. And furthermore, without your own protection, you’re even more vulnerable to predators. Every city in the Nation can and will be Chicago with out one key ingredient, the Police. So keep cheering at their Deaths, their attacks, their families destroyed over what’s lost, for when its gone, its gone. That among other things better be heavily on your mind when you push a button in November.

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Stay safe my friends……

Your turn.







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