Rourke on Trump

Rourke: The following is a slightly edited and expanded version of a comment response I wrote up a few days ago. Figured I would share with everyone.


Trump is NOT a politician and is no different today than 30 years ago. He says things like most of us do – no political correctness and sometimes words come out differently than intended. Hillary and the rest of the corrupt crew in Washington are groomed for years on how NOT to answer questions, maneuver around answers in order to provide information to fit their agenda, and spin.

Trump does not do that or at least not well.

Initial impressions from some of his colorful comments are “I can’t believe he just said that!” but then take a look at what he said. Often there is truth there and we are just not used to hearing it. So – he makes a side comment about 2nd Amendment people maybe being able to take care of those involved in gun confiscation. THE MEDIA FREAKS!!! Yet this is the absolute truth and I and numerous others have written and theorized that if government came to take our guns there would be a 2nd American Revolution. He spoke the truth and was politically incorrect. Oh well.

The crazy thing is others do it and the MSM hides it. Look it up – Biden suggests that if Obama tried to take his shotgun Biden would pull out his other guns. Where was the MSM reporting Biden was threatening to shoot Obama. Hillary in 2008 speaks in a manner that some say she was suggesting Obama would be assassinated. That’s not what she meant but if Trump said the same thing today the MSM would be all over it.

The “Republican Leaders” that are against him are all part of the same corrupt Washington group that Hillary is in = the establishment. This is the same establishment on both sides that say that the budget should be balanced, that the debt reduced, that immigration needs to be resolved, and that our dear, poor children need the best education in the world. What do we get? None of the above.

Trump is different. Period.

BUT – he will not win. He will not win because far too many people fail to understand what is really going on. They fail to understand that Hillary is the epitome of evil. She is totally out for herself and for power and feels no sense of Patriotism. She worships communists, socialists, and baby killers. She laughs at getting a child rapists off and tears down her husband’s sexual victims yet gets on TV and says victims of sexual abuse need to be believed.

The future of this country is truly at stake as the Supreme Court will receive several new members over the next 4-8 years and if Hillary is appointing them it’s all over. Freedom and Liberty will become a thing of the past while fluid genders and fluid race will be the norm. Today I am John…..tomorrow? Who knows – maybe Janice.

Lastly – if by some miracle Trump is elected which I do not believe will happen – he is but one man. You have an entire Congress tainted with corruption and greed. How will any changes be implemented? How will laws be passed?

Congress can only be convinced to cooperate if the public got involved and took to the streets to support him. That, my friends, isn’t going to happen when the vast majority of American’s will only take to the streets to look for cartoon characters.

I need a beer.

…….or 12.



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