Video: Completing An 80% Lower

There’s been some interest in 80% lowers and the process of finishing one. I have not completed one myself although I have seen the final product and talked to the machinist that did the work. If he chooses he can comment below this post on his experience.

The product I am familiar with came from They sell an assortment of finishes as well as different designs and jigs which to use to complete the lower. Milling machine, drill presses, routers, and even hand drills can be used though hand drills are not recommended by most.

Below are two video’s from a different vendor – The top video is an instructional video direct from The demonstration is actually done using a hand drill I am assuming to convey how easy it is.

The bottom video is from someone who has completed the process and you get to hear of his experience with the process.

I will tell you that it is NOT cheaper to complete an 80% versus buying a normal serialized lower. Those willing to spend the extra money are doing so for specific reasons that make it well worth it to them.

Video 1


Video 2

 For more information on the lowers that I have experiance with visit – – >


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