The BMF Activator


Upon my recent reflection of the 80’s survivalist movement I scoured my memories for all the different firearms and survival equipment available at the time and remembered a unique device – the BMF Activator. From my recollection it was primarily intended for .22lr semi-auto’s – especially the Ruger 10/22. Attached to the trigger guard each rotation of the crank would cause the gun to fire four times. This essentially provided a feeling similar to that of firing a fully automatic firearm.

I had figured the BMF was nothing but a relic from the past but this is not the case. It is in fact still available at least from a few dealers.

Here is a demonstration video:

Looks fun, huh? 

I’ve watched a lot of video’s on YouTube which display some serious safety issues as people fire from the hip and who knows where the rounds are going. Regardless – there could be some applications where the BMF Activator could be a combat multiplier.

Might pick one up and try it out. At a minimum it’ll be fun.





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