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I received the Klarus Mi7 LED flashlight several weeks ago and have been using it ever since. Whether it’s been searching under couches for my son’s car keys, heading to the tree stand, or navigating my way to the shed to look for Christmas ornaments it has been my faithful companion.

The Klarus Mi7 is a AA/14500 powered LED flashlight that falls right into the “mini” flashlight category. Although small this is a feature packed and extremely powerful flashlight.

Here are some specs:

Model: Mi7
Lamp Beads: Cree XP-L HI V3
Emitters Quantity: 1
Lumens Range: 500-1000Lumens
Luminous Flux: 700LM
Luminous Intensity: 3025cd
Power: 4W
Color Temperature: 6500K
Feature: Cooling Slot of High Efficiency,Lightweight,Lock-out Function,Power Indicator,Reverse Polarity Protection,Tail Stand
Function: Camping,EDC,Hiking,Household Use,Night Riding,Walking
Switch Type: Side Clicky
Mode: 5 (High – Low – Moonlight – Strobe – SOS)
Battery Type: 14500,AA
Battery Quantity: 1 x AA / 14500 battery (AA included)
Waterproof Standard: IPX-8 Standard Waterproof (Underwater 2m)
LED Lifespan: 50000h
Power Source: Battery
Working Voltage: 1-4.2V
Reflector: Aluminum Textured Orange Peel Reflector
Lens: Toughened Ultra-clear Mineral Glass Lens
Beam Distance: 100-150m
Impact Resistance: 1M
Body Material: AL 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy
Available Light Color: Cool White
Available color: Army green,Black,Blue,Green,Pink,Red,Silver


Included in Packaging: 

Nice and professional packaging includes the Klarus Mi7 flashlight, AA alkaline battery, 1 extra o-ring, 1 carabiner. Mine came with a pocket clip although that is not listed on the website as an included item.

Ergonomics and Build:

The Mi7 is a small flashlight intended for everyday carry in the pocket, glove box, or pack. There is a diamond-cut pattern on the main body that feels fine. I would have preferred some aggressive knurling but that is just my personal preference.

Construction is excellent. All surfaces are smooth with no machining marks or unfinished edges. Threads are tight and smooth.

The power button works as intended though it does feel a bit “squishy”. I have had a few instances while carrying in my front pocket where the light was inadvertently turned on. I knew due to the light heating up and I could feel it. Using the included carabiner on a belt loop would solve that however i preferred pocket carry.

Power Source:

The Klarus Mi7 can be powered by either a standard AA battery or a 14500 lithium ion. The difference between the two is critical for maximum performance out of this light. A typical AA battery put out 1.5 volts while the 14500 – up the power to 3.6-3.7 volts. Knowing this it is not surprising to get maximum performance(brightness) it is best to use the rechargeable lithium ion 14500 battery.



Before I get into the performance of this mini flashlight let’s get some perspective. The classic Maglite powered by 2 D cells that has rode in many trucks, police cars, and so many of us cherished for years threw a grand total of………27 lumens. Yes – 27. Remember this.

The following are the estimated output levels based on battery type:

AA Alkaline:

HIGH – 330 lumens / LOW – 90 lumens

14500 Lithium Ion:

HIGH – 700 lumens / LOW – 90 lumens


That is 700 lumens from a mini flashlight. Flashlight technology has come so far.



Like most modern flashlights the Klarus Mi7 has more modes of operation than needed. Anyone who is familiar with my flashlight reviews knows I like ON and OFF – and maybe a couple brightness levels.

Available modes:



Moonlight(5 lumen)

Strobe – HIGH

Strobe – LOW


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words……..

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


Above: No flashlight – just ambient light and obvious porch/street lights

Below:  AA alkaline on HIGH



Above: Klarus Mi7 with 14500 battery on HIGH – impressive 700 lumens

Below: Beside my house – no flashlight



Above: 700 lumens from 14500 lithium ion battery in the Klarus

 See below a video I made while outside:



The Klarus Mi7 is an excellent EDC flashlight and perfect for the pack. The ability to use normal AA alkaline is a big plus however to get maximum performance 14500 batteries can be purchased inexpensively. The ability to throw 700 lumens in such a small and capable flashlight is something unavailable just a couple years ago.


Interested in purchasing the Klarus Mi7 Mini LED Flashlight? – follow THIS LINK and use Coupon: TL7CM . Not sure how long this discount code will be good for but I am going to order another myself.



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