Review: Condor T&T EDC Pouch Kit

Something I have been slack in is my EDC. I have a few things in my Jeep but as far as an organized EDC kit that has been absent. I picked up a Condor T&T pouch a few months ago and finally got around to throwing some stuff in it. My intended purpose for the EDC kit is purely to organize a variety of items not commonly found in a vehicle but could prove very useful. The Condor T&T functions well in this regard as it has a variety of pockets and stretchy loops which to place things.Condor T&T, EDC, pouch, kit, EDC, review, survival, bug out

While the Condor can be thrown in a bug out bag or survival kit mine rest in the back of the Jeep.


  • Gerber multi-tool
  • ear plugs
  • Sharpie marker
  • P51 can opener
  • Repel insect repellent
  • Streamlight Stylus Pro flashlight
  • Coast G45 LED Flashlight
  • emergency poncho
  • extra charging cables – micro USB, Lightning, and USB Type-C
  • Mossy Oak 4000mAh Pocket Juice battery
  • memo pad, small
  • pencil
  • sewing kit
  • wire ties(8)
  • compass
  • Seek Thermal XR Imager – for iPhone
  • tooth brush
  • toothpaste
  • Ganzo G704 folding knife
  • Water Jel Burn Jel cream(3 packs)
  • Band-Aids(8, standard size)
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment(4, .5 gram packs)
  • Tweezers
  • Paracord(20 feet)
  • $50 in assorted bills


Condor Materials & Construction

The construction of the Condor is excellent. The material is something similar to Cordura. Stitching is tight and all seams are double-stitched everywhere. The zipper appears to be oversized for the application which is just fine for me. Seems rugged enough to last years riding in my Jeep or inside a pack.

Condor T&T, review, EDC, prepper, SHTF


Size of the pack is 10″ x 7″ x 1.5″. While accurate the thickness of 1.5″ is when empty. Once loaded it expands out and mine is between 3″ and 4″ thick. Weight is just under one pound.

For organizing supplies, the pouch has one internal sleeve, one zipper pocket, and numerous elastic loops of different sizes on both halves. The elastic pockets are sized to hold things like AA batteries up to multi-tools. A lot of gear can be stored for easy access.

The Condor T&T can be mounted via 4 Molle straps or left independent. There are two D-rings on each top corner. These can be used to hang the pouch or attach it using a variety of means.

Condor, EDC, review, T&T pouch, survival kit,


At around $25 the Condor T&T is well worth it. Its build quality is excellent and its versatility lends itself to many roles. I can see owning 3-4 of these and use them for things like tools, electronics, and first aid.




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